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3d sex and zen extreme ecstasy 2011 Uncensored version 128 mintes

Sex and Zen 3D Extreme Ecstasy -2011- full info actress but censored

This is 3d sex and zen extreme ecstasy 2011 Uncensored version 128 mintes

The US 3.2 million dollar ’3-D Sex and Zen: Extreme Ecstasy’ has already generated great interest in a host of Asian film markets, as well as Europe and the US.
Movie Cast
Original Name: Leni Lan
Nickname: Little Cecilia Cheung Pak-chi
D.O.B.: March 09, 1986
Height: 168cm
Weight: 43kg
Measurements (in inch): 32C-22-34
Languages: Cantonese, Mandarin, English, Russian, Shanghainese
Education: Graduated from the Shanghai Theatre Academy China with Drama in 2004 and the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts with Drama
Leni Nam as Tie Yuxiang
Born in an educated family, Tie Yuxiang is not only handsome and elegant, but also amiable and courteous under the influence of her father, Tie Fei the Taoist priest.
Tie Fei arranges a blind date for Yuxiang and a rich young man Lin, during which Yuxiang coincidentally falls in love with his friend, Wei Yangsheng, with whom she later married.
Married life is pleasing, apart from Yuxiang’s lack of passion due to her inexperience in bed and  Wei Yangsheng’s premature ejaculations, which lead to their less than satisfied sex life.
On one occasion, Wei Yangsheng follows Lin to The Prince of Ning’s residence, where he witnesses life of wild orgies. Under The Prince of Ning’s permission, Wei Yangsheng stays behind and enjoys promiscuous sex with uncountable women. However, his tiny genital and premature climax can no longer satisfy his ego and his partners, which eventually drive him to seek for an ultimate solution – dick-swap operation.
In the mean time, lonesome Yuxiang waits tranquilly at home for Wei Yangsheng’s return. However, when Yuxiang heard of his love affairs, heartbroken Yuxiang adamantly divorces Wei Yangsheng.
Yuxiang’s sexual desire is mounting every night ever since, until the day she meets Quan Laoshi, a footman who is muscular.
Name:Vonnie Lui
Nickname: Little Yan
D.O.B.:October 24, 1983
Height : 166 cm
Weight : 105 lbs
Language:Cantonese, Mandarin and English
Vonnie Lui as The Elder of Bliss
Having the appearance of a beautiful woman, the Elder of Bliss is a greybeard who keeps his youth-look by accumulating the Zen of yin yang. He was a monk, but he broke the sexual precept and therefore resumed secular life. He pursues lust most of his life, he not only creates and practices sexual techniques through continuous experience, but also develop medications as an auxiliary . Thus he calls himself the Elder of Bliss, and has enlightened Wei Yangsheng in pursuing  a licentious life.
Name : Yukiko Suo
D.O.B. : December 3, 1988
Height : 160 cm
Measurements (in inch) : 34-22-35
Yukiko Suo as Dongmei
An evil and ruthless stunner; Dongmei is violent and sadistic. She is usually withdrawn and quiet, but her words are like her characters – violent and explosive. Dongmei cannot be easily stimulated  in bed, most people cannot pleasure her. Only through sadism and violent thrusting can she be stimulated and climax.
She is one of the beloved stunners of The Prince of Ning, one of them is coitus expert Reizhu, and the other is withdrawn sadist Dongmei. In the Tower of Rarities are the grandiose treasures, both humans and objects. She is as beautiful as Chang E, the goddess of the moon, a description which her true beauty be understood.
She can only be satisfied by the Prince of Ning or a person with super sexual skills! The pain sadism brings, highly excites Dongmei. Since his stay at the Tower of Rarities, Dongmei has been Wei Yangsheng’s target. Cunning as The Prince of Ning, he uses Dongmei to humiliate Wei Yangsheng in public. Until Wei Yangsheng undergoes a dick-swap operation for a donkey’s penis and acquires the ultimate sexual skills, has Dongmei been conquered by his incomparable skills! Although Dongmei enjoys the sex with Wei Yangsheng, she is loyal to the Prince of Ning. When Ruizhi becomes insane, and after Ning’s a avenge on Wei Yangsheng, she becomes Ning’s favourite. However, The Prince of Ning mistakenly takes the unfinished pill created by the Elder of Bliss, he turns insane and kills Dongmei through sexual intercourse. Like the original erotica, bad karma becomes the evil.
Name:Saori Hara
D.O.B.:January 1, 1988
Height:165 cm
Measurements (in inch) : 34-24-34
Saori Hara as Ruizhu
In Ming Dynasty, there were no words to accurately describe Ruizhu. Today, she will be described as  ”charming” and “sexy”,  or “licentious”. Ruizhu’s nature is not bad, she can even be considered smart and kind-hearted. However, Born in ancient feudal China, Ruizhu cannot control her own destiny…Rui Zhu is born in a farmer’s family, poor as they are, the family sells Ruizhu to the brothel in return for a decent living.Unlike nowadays, the contemporary brothel is a place of pure sex. One starts from being the servant or maid, and later attend the courtesans, one learns the life of brothel. To a certain age, one will be selected according to their beauty and ability for different trainings. Handsome as Ruizhu, she is a promising courtesan with a rare genital that can fully satisfy men’s sexual needs.Her Virginity becomes a bid in town, and the Prince of Ning, the highest bidder, takes her home as another collection of rarities. Ruizhu lives a life of wild orgies at the Tower of Rarities, as one of the favorites of Ning, no other men has ever laid a hand on her. However, as an avenge on Wei Yangsheng, The Prince of Ning allows him to have sex with Ruizhu.
Ruizhu later induces Budai monk under the order of Ning, which not only ruins the practice of Budai, but also causes his death.


3d sex and zen extreme ecstasy 2011 Uncensored version 128 mintes

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Sex and Zen 3D Extreme Ecstasy -2011- full info actress

File:Extreme Ecstasy.jpg
3D Sex and Zen: Extreme Ecstasy is a 2011 Hong Kong 3-D erotic costume drama film released in Hong Kong, South Korea, Australia, and New Zealand on 14 April 2011. It is a new installment of the Sex and Zen series, but more focused on drama unlike the comedic tone of the previous films.
3D Sex and Zen is essentially an adaptation of the classical novel The Carnal Prayer Mat depicting the sexual exploits of a young Ming Dynasty scholar named Wei Yangsheng. It is produced by Stephen Shiu, the executive producer of its predecessor film Sex and Zen. The film was promoted as “the world’s first IMAX 3-D erotic film” and its cast includes Japanese AV idols.[1][2] Laughing aloud, producer Stephen Shiu Yeuk-Yuen described the experience of watching this film onscreen: “It is just like [being a] voyeur near someone’s bed
Format: Matroska (mkv)
Resolution: 320*240 pixels
Display aspect ratio: 16:9 | Frame rate: 23.976 fps
Genre: Erotica | Country: Hong Kong
Director: Suen Laap-Gei
Producer: Stephen Shiu Yeuk-Yuen
Cast: Hara Saori, Tony Ho Wah-Chiu, Vonnie Lui Hoi-Yan, Suo Yukiko, Hayama Go, Lan Yan, Chen Chiu-Ping
Production Company: One Dollar Production, Ltd.
Executive Producer: Siu Ding-Yat
iMDB Rating: 6.7/10 (30 votes)
Yukiko Suo ( Film sex Yukiko Suo)

Saori Hara ( Film sex
Saori Har)

Lan Yan

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